Zurixx Sponsors Olympus High School Cheerleading

Holladay, Utah — In support of Olympus High School cheerleading, Zurixx is sponsoring the Titan cheer squad’s 2016 season.

The primary purpose of the sponsorship is to cover expenses for uniforms, travel, choreography, and competition opportunities for the award-winning Titan squad.

“We are so excited to have Zurixx join the Titan team,” comments Lexi Farr, Head Cheer Coach. “Olympus Cheer is always trying to become stronger and improve our abilities. This year we’ve decided to compete for the first time. We plan to use sponsorship money towards stunting clinics to ensure safety, strength and show! This sponsorship not only helps the squad financially, but shows the girls that they have the support of the local community, which is huge for them!”

Zurixx is proud to give back to the community and support a local school that many Zurixx team members are alumni of.

Go Titans!

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