Zurixx Sponsors Humanitarian Trip to Africa

Zurixx recently sponsored a humanitarian trip to Mali, Africa. The local basketball team, Utah Mountain Stars, provided assistance with various service projects while on the service trip.The AAU basketball team, Utah Mountain Stars, recently returned from a humanitarian trip to Mali, Africa. Zurixx made a generous donation to help cover the cost of various services projects and other humanitarian efforts in the capital city of Bamako and surrounding villages. Mali has a population of 18 million, and half of the population lives in poverty. The average income is $1.25 a day or $1,500 a year.

The service projects that the Utah Mountain Stars assisted with included:

-Finishing the construction of a basketball court including installing the basketball hoops and backboards.

-Providing health care kits, including 150 Days-for-Girls kits, dental/hygiene kits, and new born baby kits.

-Finishing construction of a school including adding windows, doors, and a roof.

-Hosting a basketball skills camp for local boys and girls.

-Installing desks and picnic tables in and around the local schools.

-Providing a set of uniforms for the Mali National team.

Zurixx is proud to support the humanitarian efforts of Utah Mountain Stars.

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