Zurixx Puerto Rico Provides Aid to Hurricane Victims

In the wake of recent natural disasters, Puerto Rico steps up to provide aid to hurricane victims in the British Virgin Islands.In the midst of recent natural disaster, Zurixx has helped to fundraise over $60,000 in supplies, food and emergency relief for those who were affected by Hurricane Irma in Virgin Gorda. Virgin Gorda was ravaged by the category 5 hurricane, and has since been left to recover from the disaster. Zurixx didn’t hesitate to step in to provide their service, as the Puerto Rico office has strong ties to its neighboring Caribbean Islands.

The office organized a small armada of boats with friends and neighbors to gather and deliver supplies. Working closely with the British Virgin Islands customs, they were able to not only deliver supplies, but they took dozens of residents back with them to shelters in Puerto Rico.

“Due to the dedication of our amazing staff and close friends and family, we were able to make a total of six trips to and from Puerto Rico to the Virgin Islands to help those in need,” said Zurixx Puerto Rico President Cris Cannon. “Our hope is that these donations will help the residents of Virgin Gorda as they recover from this devastating disaster.”

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