Arena en los Dedos de los Pies, Café en la Taza … es Zurixx Junto al Mar!

Arena en los dedos de los pies, café en la taza … es Zurixx junto al mar!

Sand in your toes, coffee in your cup… it’s Zurixx by the sea!

February 7, 2017 — It takes a very special kind of person to work for a company like Zurixx. It requires talent, dedication, personality, unparalleled skills, yes, a few loose screws, crazy creativity and most importantly, the desire to love what you do!! Daily life at Zurixx in Puerto Rico goes a little something like this:

I Woke Up Like This

Work days begin at 9:30 am. Yup! You don’t have to wrestle with your bed sheets at 5:00 am just to get up and race off to work! You have some time to spare, laze around and get ready (however you can and however you want).

Congrats! You won the easy-as-pie morning battle, and after a cool traffic-free drive listening to your favorite morning show radio station, you finally get to the reserved parking lot for the office;in flip flops, shorts, a t-shirt and your “I just woke up—let’s do this” face, holding a cup of Starbucks. Guess what? The good vibes don’t stop there!

Is This Real Life?

Once you open the front door to Zurixx you walk into a place like you’ve never seen before!. A place where you are free to be who you are; where music is ever playing in the background, flat-screen TVs streaming your favorite TV shows and YouTube videos. A pool table invites  you to engage in friendly competition, yoga mats await your relaxation and meditation, Twister wants to see you curl and bend, Uno challenges you to a speed game, Xbox dares you to indulge in multi-player action, Bingo makes it exciting to scream when you win, body and scalp massages are always at your fingertips, a private masseuse will make sure you are knot-free, food is bountiful and plenty, coffee flows like the Nile, drinks and snacks delight you each day and another perk is seeing some nice green in the bank every Friday morning!

Workstations are high-end, filled with premium office furniture, fully adjustable mesh desk chairs, fiber optic internet access (so you can check on the latest update on Twitter or accept new friends on Facebook! Yeah! You are allowed that! Cool, huh?) But that’s not all. If you feel like working in the kitchen one afternoon, grab your stuff and go. Make your workstation wherever you want to be!

Not So Boss-y

Our bosses are the best… hands down… they also take breaks and when they do, they are to the tune of “let’s play some baseball inside the office – now!”. Or when they go, “hey buddy, what are you having for lunch? Hmm, get me some. Here, have my card. Get everyone’s lunch, on me.”. I mean… could it get any better than this?! (Short answer – YES, it just keeps getting better.)

Feeling tired? Just pencil yourself in for an appointment with our on-site private masseuse for a relaxing touch! Of course, you will first have to fight the hoard of people piling in front of the massage schedule to grab a spot, but that makes it more fun!

After you had your awesome stress-relieving massage, feel free to walk around barefoot on our plush high-pile Eco-friendly bamboo fiber carpet, go to the kitchen and grab a snack, make yourself another coffee or order some take out… you deserve it! All this DURING working hours. Say whaaaaat?!

Can We Come Work With You?

The Events team and Customer Service gurus are some hard working son of a guns! Between event bookings, researching venues, contract management and delivering stellar events, the Events team manages to sneak in a game of pool or upload their latest selfie to Instagram. They work hard and they socialize hard! Meanwhile, Customer Service is key to answering important customer calls, answering business questions, providing venue information and elating over the latest students’ success. But don’t think that’s all they do, you can find a group make-up tutorial happening just one room over, lunch plans being made or a quick jaunt over to  the neighborhood Cold Stone Creamery, for some decadent ice cream! After all, you deserve it for working hard and keeping a good vibe and ambiance in the office! Working at Zurixx is amazing, you are constantly being reminded to take a break, play some pool or games, watch TV, get a massage or eat good yummy food! Isn’t that awesome?!

Ready for the next level of Zurixx fun? Let’s plan for SummerFest…the Annual Gala…movie theater outings, beach BBQ’s, catered lunches, spa retreats, bar hopping in Old San Juan, restaurant outings, Starbucks runs and so much more… OMFG!

The Google of Puerto Rico

We ARE the Google of Puerto Rico. A fun place to “do something—that matters”. Work sounds like a burdensome word… we thrive at Zurixx while putting our talents to the test. We strive to modify the working culture and are happy to show to vendors and visitors alike We’ve created an inviting environment which in turn, results in employee satisfaction, tremendously increased productivity and efficiency in our operation. Now everyone who knows someone on our staff wants to work here!

We are happy to announce that even some of our vendors have begun to mimic our work culture and ethics. They’ve implemented them into their own business practices, with impressively positive results—we might add! They even write us cards thanking us for “guiding” them and sharing our unique and creative ways. Satisfaction to the Nth power!

Can you believe that this is a just a mere glimpse into the daily life at Zurixx? Work hard to PLAY HARDER!

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