Zurixx Puerto Rico to Hold Back-to-School Drive

August 22, 2017 – In the spirit of connecting with our community, Zurixx Puerto Rico employees will be collecting various school supplies over the next month to support a local school.

On Tuesday, July 11th, Zurixx Puerto Rico announced to our staff that we would be conducting a school supply drive to benefit a local public school.

Zurixx employees have been encouraged to give everything from No. 2 pencils and erasers to calculators, scissors, art supplies, and even binders and backpacks. Please see below for a complete list of what we hope to donate.

The school that receives the supplies will be decided at a later date, but Zurixx will deliver the supplies before the start of the new school year. Most local public schools go from K to 9th grade, meaning there is a wide variety of age groups and needs.

“A lot of the schools in our community have tight budgets and students from lower-income areas, so we are happy to contribute in any way we can,” said Zurixx Puerto Rico President Cris Cannon. “As a company that specializes in financial education seminars we obviously understand and respect the importance of a quality education, and that includes the basics of even just having enough supplies to start the school year.”

Zurixx is a proud supporter of local communities, with total donations estimated over $615,000 in the past year alone. We have donated to The Huntsman Cancer Institute, co-sponsored 5K walk/runs, donated laptops to deserving students and a community library, and more.

• No. 2 pencils

• Erasers

• Note pads

• Glue

• Calculators

• Rulers

• Red, blue and black pens

• Pocket folders

• Stapler/staple remover

• Highlighters

• Dry erase markers or chalk

• Tape

• Paint brushes

• Geometry compasses

• Backpacks

• Scissors

• Crayons

• Colored pencils

• Pencil case

• Tissues

• Hand sanitizer

• Glue sticks

• Binders

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