Zurixx to Be Premier Sponsor for the Wasatch High School Wasps

Zurixx is proud to announce sponsorship of the Wasatch High School rugby team for their fall 2017 season. We are thrilled to continue supporting them!

August 14, 2017 – Zurixx is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Wasatch High School Rugby team for their Fall 2017 season.

This upcoming season will mark the 5th year for the Boys team and the 4th year for the Lady Wasps Girls team. Both teams are incredibly accomplished in such a short period of time; most recently the Boys took home the 2017 Spring 15s State Bowl Championship, and the Lady Wasps were the 2017 Spring 15s State Runners Up.

The $15,000 sponsorship will support the Wasps in many ways, including need-based scholarships that will cover: USA Rugby fees, health insurance for young athletes that are not covered, and complete team uniform kits – socks, jerseys, shorts, etc. The team averages 20 need-based scholarships per season. Our contribution will also assist in providing much-needed equipment and covering seasonal expenses for both teams. Lastly, the sponsorship will support Wasatch High School’s youth rugby camps, in addition to sending players off for development camps and all-star events throughout the year.

Jim Carlson, CEO of Zurixx, is thrilled to continue supporting our local rugby teams. “As a premier sponsor, Zurixx is confident in knowing that our contributions will make a positive difference in the lives of the high school team members as well as the younger players that they mentor,” said Carlson.

The Wasatch High School Wasps are sanctioned by USA Rugby and Utah Youth Rugby, and they support both youth and high school rugby teams for boys and girls. Their mission is to develop, promote, and foster an environment in which participation in the sport of rugby enhances the life experiences of the youth athletes and families they serve regardless of race, religion, gender, and socioeconomic status.

More information on the Wasatch High School Wasps can be found here.

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