The Zurixx Puerto Rico office participated in the annual Light the Night Walk to raise awareness for Leukemia and Lymphoma.

Zurixx Participates in Annual Light the Night Walk

The Zurixx Puerto Rico office participated in the annual Light the Night Walk to raise awareness for Leukemia and Lymphoma.

February 25, 2018 – Zurixx is proud to once again support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light the Night Walk. The Puerto Rico office had a total of twelve employees, friends and family members participate in the San Juan-area event.

After Hurricane Maria, Light The Night’s Puerto Rico division was uncertain if they would be able to carry out this event, as they knew their budget was tight. But they knew they had the need and commitment to help patients and the community. In order to make attendance at the event possible, they improvised and cut budgets so that they could invest more time and money into the Light the Night Walk. The spirits of all of the Puerto Rico team members were high, despite the weather. Everyone was able to enjoy the celebration of life and each had a positive experience at the event.

Here are the experiences of two of the Zurixx employees who participated:

Eric Rivera: “It was a sunny and windy 3pm afternoon in San Juan. The waves crashed against the seawalls of Paseo Caribe and people were piling up around the meeting point. There was some background music, you could tell the teams apart by their t-shirts. Some for survivors, some in remembrance, some in support of the cause.

“The mood was festive and even Batman and Spiderman, clowns and stilt walkers made an appearance. We had a chance to meet with Zurixx Co-Founder and Puerto Rico President, Cris Cannon and then went upstairs to the second level of Paseo Caribe for an ice cream break. As soon as we heard the booming welcoming over the speakers, everyone started to walk out and into the meeting point. By then it was 6pm. The wind was fierce and it was starting to drizzle. Little by little the crowd grew fiercer, even though mid-speech, the master of ceremonies had to pause, because it began to pour. Everyone dispersed really quick. A lot of people left. Some others stayed behind. What was coming was more of a deluge than a shower.

“To our surprise, the march took place. It was quirky and everyone was piled-up fighting the wind and the rain. You could see umbrellas being turned upside by the strong wind, laughter and yelling ensued because, all in all, it was FUN! The spirit of the marchers kept the event alive and the MC announced that, even though they had a goal of raising $150,000, they ended up raising over $200,000!! Then came the fireworks, rain and all. The emotion of the attendees was contagious.”

Nicole Lopez: “Light the Night was an incredible experience that I would love do to again, even with the rain and crazy wind. The horrible weather did not stop us from showing love and support to the ones that are going through such a difficult time. When we finished walking they surprised everyone with fireworks, it was really moving to see everyone hugging each other and showing love.”

The Puerto Rico employees hope to attend the event again in November of this year.

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