Zurixx Team Participates in Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Fundraising Event

Saturday May 9th was a cold, wet, windy day, but that didn’t deter a group of our dedicated Zurixx employees from braving the elements, donning their rain jackets and participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure fundraising event in Salt Lake City. Our team of 105 people was led and inspired by Terri Borg from Turnkey Marketing, who works closely with our marketing team and, sadly, lost her mother Linda to breast cancer earlier this year. Calling ourselves “Linda’s Angels – powered by Zurixx,” we jumped at the opportunity to show our support for Terri and help raise money for breast cancer awareness and research.

To kick off the beginning of our fundraising campaign, we at Zurixx announced that for every $1 someone affiliated with Zurixx donated, our company would match that donation dollar for dollar. From support at the Investor’s Summit in April 2015, the Zurixx family matched the $14,000 pledged by brand celebrities and volunteers, raising the total to more than $28,000! We’ve also had a huge number of people from our Zurixx family participate — from the Salt Lake City staff, to our road crew and our clients, to vendors and celebrities. Helping lead the charge, of course, was our enthusiastic CEO, who kept spirits high with his razor-sharp wit and stylish dress sense (no one wears flip-flops as well as Jim!)

In 2014, Zurixx was excited to donate $50,000 for breast cancer awareness. But our goal this year was to beat that number, and we did, thanks to Terri and Jim’s great captainship and the fantastic support of our Zurixx family. By the time our tired and soaked (but highly exuberated!) team crossed the finish line, we’re proud to announce that collectively, Linda’s Angels raised more than $85,500 to support breast cancer research!

Read about Zurixx and our donation on the Susan G. Komen website HERE
Race for the CureRace for the Cure

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