Zurixx Teams up with Local Youth Rugby Club

January 11, 2017 — Zurixx is happy to announce its sponsorship of the Hunter Junior Rugby 7s club, a local rugby club part of Utah Youth Rugby. Hunter Junior Rugby 7s provides teams for local residents ages 5-14 and had its first season in Spring 2016.

Zurixx’s donation will be used to provide scholarships for those families that cannot afford the registration fee. Any money not used on scholarships will go towards equipment purchases for the various teams.

“The plan is to award the scholarships to those with financial hardship and/or have multiple players in a single family. Luckily, I only have one child and have the means to pay for his fees,” said Joe Fangalua, a father involved with the club.

“For other families, there were some that had players who came to practice but couldn’t participate in the games because they were financially unable or they could only afford to pay for one player at a time.”

Utah Youth Rugby is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop both rugby skills and life skills such as honesty, confidence, teamwork, accountability, sportsmanship, trust, and hard work. Hunter Club President Lars Moleni stated, “Our mission is to help our players learn the following life lessons through the game of rugby: fundamentals of team work, reliability, gaining confidence through practice and hard work, the importance of fitness and endurance, fast paced decision making, the ability to improve fast paced decision making through experience and intellect, courage, physical and mental toughness, good sportsmanship, respect for the competition, and many other things.”

The majority of Hunter’s players are from the West Valley and Magna areas, which are traditionally low-income areas, and we are happy that Zurixx can play a role in ensuring all can have an opportunity to develop these life skills through the sport of rugby. “As a former rugby player myself, I know firsthand the positive impact that the sport can have on youth,” said Jim Carlson, CEO of Zurixx. “I’m very excited about our partnership with Hunter Junior Rugby 7s.”

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