Zurixx Contributes to Jillion Potter’s Fight Against Cancer

Jillion PotterFebruary 1, 2017 — Back in October of 2016, Zurixx flew Jillion Potter, Captain of the 2016 USA Olympic women’s rugby sevens team in Rio de Janeiro, out to the Utah Youth Rugby Pink 7s Powered by Zurixx rugby tournament. At the tournament, Jillion spoke to the players and families in attendance about her 2014 battle with Synovial Sarcoma cancer and presented Zurixx’s $50,000 donation to the Huntsman Cancer Research Institute. “We planned on her coming to the ruby event to sign t-shirts and present the check to Huntsman, but she did so much more,” said Janine Halversen, Brand Reputation Manager. “She got on the headset and commentated the tournament’s live stream and even started a pick-up game of rugby with all the girls. We were truly fortunate to have her at the tournament.”

Unfortunately, the cancer is back, and Jillion will have to undergo clinical treatment at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas to battle this rare form of cancer again. Zurixx, led by CEO Jim Carlson, is proud to support Jillion in her second fight against cancer and has made a donation to her crowdfunding page to assist with her significant out of pocket medical and travel expenses.

Dear James and Zurixx, “Thank you” does not seem sufficient to express my gratitude for your willingness to assist in our fundraising effort. Carol and I never expected that we would be undergoing this challenge again. But with your support, encouragement, and love, we feel like we can get through this battle stronger than before. It was amazing to see so many individuals bond together so quickly, enthusiastically offering support and strength. Not only does your help make a difference in offsetting my family’s cancer-related costs, but your emotional support and encouragement makes me fight harder and gives me strength every day. There has never been a doubt that I will overcome this challenge and, certainly, your words of encouragement brings light during my hardest days. Your donation is important not only for me, but for the sarcoma community. It has helped bring public awareness and financial support for critical research, which we hope will result in earlier diagnoses, better treatment options and improved outcomes and survival for sarcoma patients. To stay updated on my progress, check out the youcaring site and look for the updates tab. Thank you again for your kindness and support. Rucking Cancer Together, Jillion Potter

“Zurixx is very involved in the local youth rugby clubs, so it was really great to see how much she interacted with the players at the tournament,” said James Carlson, CEO of Zurixx. “I hope that our contribution can help ease her burdens and know that we are all cheering her on, and rooting for her recovery.”

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