“The Path To Success Is Bilingual” – Zurixx Featured in Local Newspaper

Recently, the local Puerto Rico newspaper, El Nuevo Dia, featured¬†a series on U.S. companies in Puerto Rico requiring the needs of bilingual Puerto Ricans to operate. Zurixx employee and Puerto Rico Office Manager Eric Rivera¬†shared his experiences, landing himself and Zurixx on the front page of the paper — both printed and online!

In Puerto Rico, a professional that is able to demonstrate proficiency in both Spanish and English can (depending on the position) often earn from 15-20% more in their salary. “Being bilingual is not a convenience, but a necessity,” says Rivera, who left his job at a law firm in search of a better salary. “There’s no way to work with an American employer…if I do not speak English.”

While learning English as a second language is mandatory in schools on the island, few citizens consider themselves bilingual. In a recent survey, only 16% of the Puerto Rico population considers themselves able to speak English “very well”, while 78% believe they speak English “less than very well.”

In an ever growing international market, over 90% of the companies on the island are not native, giving bilingual applicants a distinct advantage to working in American or English-speaking based companies. Employees that are able to speak both languages not only find themselves better able to interact with customers and consumers, but are often able to negotiate for better salary and benefits.


To read the full article as posted in El Nuevo Dia, click here.

*Photo courtesy of Juan Luis Martinez Perez from El Nuevo Dia