Zurixx Donates to Our Mountain Heart

Zurixx contributed a generous donation to Our Mountain Heart, an organization dedicated to helping children who are in need.

Zurixx recently contributed a generous donation of $5,000 to Our Mountain Heart. Our Mountain Heart was an organization formed by two friends who wanted to take action to make a difference in the lives of children in need.

The donation from Zurixx allowed members of the organization to travel to Guatemala for a humanitarian trip. During the trip they assisted individual families by building homes, bunk beds, and other facilities. They also brought with them clothing and food donations, as well as computer donations to area schools.

“The generous support of individuals like you, make it possible for Our Mountain Heart to exist and continue to change the lives of those in need,” said Toby Kershaw, Our Mountain Heart Co-Founder. “Together we can make a difference.”

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