Zurixx Continues Tradition of Giving Back to Community

Earlier this year, Zurixx continues tradition of giving back to the community.

The Puerto Rico office donated to The Jane Stern Dorada Community Library in order to help keep the JSDCL’s programs running for the next year. Zurixx was the primary sponsor at the “VinoDiMare” fundraiser held at the Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach East Resort and donated $25,000 to support the community outreach programs of the JSDCL. The mission of the JSDCL is to serve as a public bilingual and bicultural library by providing access to high quality digital and traditional sources of information and ideas; to serve as a community center providing educational and cultural programs in safe and accessible physical and online environments for the benefit of all people in Doradeo and its environs; and to mentor others in the establishment of community libraries throughout Puerto Rico.

“The Jane Stern Dorado Community Library (JSDCL) operates as a private, nonprofit organization and is an outstanding example of what can be accomplished when responsibilities are shared among residents, the private sector, and the government. JSDCL operates six days a week as a bilingual and bicultural community organization, serving as a lending library and a community and learning center. In addition to its books and information services, the library serves as a center for development and enrichment for Dorado‚Äôs seniors, students, parents, children and toddlers through a variety of activities and courses, from yoga through computer literacy education.”