Zurixx Cares – Chat Room with Local Teens

Zurixx Puerto Rico partners with Jane Stern Dorado Community Library to support local teens affected by the hurricane by hosting a "chat room" event.In 2017, Zurixx Puerto Rico stepped up to serve those who were affected by the hurricane. One of the primary focuses was to serve the children in the community by partnering with the Jane Stern Dorado Community Library to host a Christmas Toy Drive. This month, Zurixx Puerto Rico is coordinating again with the library to serve another local demographic: teenagers.

The natural disasters Puerto Rico faced last year caused many teenagers in the community to experience stress and anxiety from the necessity of “growing up too fast” in order to help their families through the crises. To support the teens during this hardship, Zurixx Puerto Rico and Jane Stern Dorado Community Library will be hosting a “Chat Room” event on January 25 at 2:30 PM at the library.

This event will give these teenagers the chance to mix and mingle, and meet others who have experienced similar situations. The teens will be divided into groups to chat about how they were affected by the natural disasters, in a fun, casual, comfortable, and therapeutic setting. The Jane Stern Dorado Community Library staff, volunteer social works and psychologists, and Zurixx Puerto Rico employees will assist and participate at the event. Around 100 teens are expected to attend the event.

“We love finding new opportunities to serve the community,” said Cris Cannon, Zurixx Puerto Rico President. “Our hope is that this event will provide local teens with a way to heal from the hardships they faced this past year.”

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