Why I Work at Zurixx: Isa

Isa is one of our Event Coordinators. She works in our beautiful Puerto Rico office. Isa has been with us for a little over two years. She was our very first employee at the Puero Rico Office! Since she has been with us since the beginning, she is one of our go-to gals for questions of all sorts!

How did you hear about Zurixx?

I got a call from a local job recruiting office after posting my resume on Monster and LinkedIn. I interviewed with them, and a few days later I had a Skype interview with the president of the company. Talk about nerves!

Tells us more about yourself?

I am the youngest child of three girls and one boy. Born in Puerto Rico, I learned my English while listening to music and watching movies on HBO. I remember having my first Bon Jovi cassette (I think it was “New Jersey”) I was maybe 11 years old. I remember one day I was reading the lyrics and translating the words using a VOX dictionary, and my Dad came in to my room and I asked him – “Dad, what does Living In Sin mean?” At that moment I learned rock music was really cool for me, but not for my Dad.

Right now, the most exciting news for my husband and me, is we are expecting our first baby. After four years of looking for the ‘miracle’ we are so ‘scary-excited’ about this new amazing chapter for both of us! We cannot wait to know the gender and of course to finally meet him/her.

A year ago, we adopted a dog, named Luna (Moon). She was rescued by Erin Hayes, my Manager and dear friend. Our Luna is an important part of our family and we adore her!

What is your favorite part about working at Zurixx?

Since I started working at Zurixx, I have embraced this unique and extraordinary way of doing things, and of course loving my partners (in crime). Every day is different here. The world of Zurixx is our workplace/playground; we play hard, we work harder. That was one of the descriptions Cris Cannon gave me during my interview, and he was right!

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day in this atypical, yet pleasant place starts with everyone joining for a cup of coffee at our kitchen with events and customer service buddies. As part of the Events Department, we make sure every single event starts on the right foot by selecting the best areas and venues for each event throughout USA, Canada, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

I love establishing great relationships with our contacts from all over the Country; it is always nice to say “Hi my friend!” to a Sales Manager of a big hotel chain, or to a banquet hall owner from a small town. To be honest, I never thought it was possible to find a professional office in Puerto Rico, where you can wear flip-flops, shorts and no make-up (just like your boss!), and yet feel so empowered by the company. You can listen to whatever the music you want, go for an ice cream run whenever you like, or spend the afternoon playing pool or Uno cards, after you’re done with your work – #Ilovemyjob!


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