Why I Work At Zurixx: Kate

Kate has been in the Marketing Department for the past year and half. She manages paid online advertising and all things digital marketing. Kate is also our very own resident Yoga Teacher at Zurixx. She is a newlywed, Kate and Jas were married in early September in Maine and enjoyed a fabulous honeymoon in Fiji and New Zealand. They have one cat named Nelson and another kitty on the way, a Himalayan Persian named Sophie!

How did you hear about Zurixx?

I was recruited to work for Zurixx on LinkedIn.

How was the transition from your old job to Zurixx?

The transition was a piece of cake. It was time to move on to bigger and better things. I was looking for a company that had big ideas and would leave it up to me to implement them. Zurixx was a perfect fit, I am so happy I made the change!

What is your favorite part about working at Zurixx?

The challenge. Every week – actually almost every day, I’m presented with a new project or task that challenges me to take risks and grow outside of my comfort zone. We get to strategize as a team and make big decisions, it is so exciting to watch our changes in action!

What is your favorite part about Zurixx as a company?

The culture and the people. Zurixx takes care of their employees like no other company I’ve worked for. I also love that my co-workers are my friends – that’s what makes work fun!

What does a typical day look like for you?                                                                                  

Busy. I’m building social media campaigns, pulling reports and analyzing results, coming up with new strategies, finalizing projects. We’re always looking at the next big thing for online marketing at Zurixx.

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